Integrated Psychotherapy


The relationship between therapist and the client has to be safe and secure. This is poignant to your healing process and to psychotherapy. An individual will enter into therapy perhaps never having had a trusting safe relationship, or maybe not evening knowing what that is or looks like. Entering into Psychotherapy takes courage and perhaps a leap of faith. Psychotherapy will help to remodel what a trusting relationship is, thus reflecting in all of your relationships outside of the sessions.

To deal with crisis, trauma, grief and any issues that cause suffering is incredibly challenging to deal with, whether you are on your own or even if you have a good support network around you. Psychotherapy and the relationship between client and psychotherapist can off a CONFIDENTIAL, NON-JUDGEMENTAL approach to issues, a therapist is there to enable you to reach your own truth.

Life is a journey! a psychotherapist will facilitate individuals to get closer to LIVE THE LIFE THEY LOVE OR DESIRE. TO ….. INSPIRE AND EMPOWER to ENCOURAGE individuals to break free of traumas, issues that they are currently experiencing. Psychotherapy will help you through the chaos, facilitating you to reach a sense of CLARITY. Through the process of the therapy, it will enable you to BE FREE OF THE PAST, TO REACH ACCEPTANCE. It will hold out a hand to weather the storm.

I will do this with a TRUTHFUL COMPASSION, Psychotherapy WILL hold the light of hope when you feel there is none, it will EMPOWER YOU to persevere when you feel you cannot go on, when all you see is darkness It will HOLD THE LIGHT.


Although the issues that you are experiencing will not feel spiritual and a far cry from the suffering you are experiencing. If willing the transpersonal and the use of alchemically will invite a deepening and expansive experience of your relationship to yourself and your relationship to LIFE. Transforming the heavy lead of trauma, loss, chaos and the darkness of your wounding’s into LIGHT, into GOLD- into LIVING THE LIFE YOU YEARN FOR.

In the first instance, the transpersonal approach will be …. By the way we will work, this offers various approaches and tools, such as MEDITATION, VISUALISATION use of CREATIVE IMAGINATION, DREAMWORK not relying solely on talking.

Through the therapeutic process, Issues you have experienced in your past and present life will reflect your alchemical process, we will begin to highlight particular processes which are present, by way of alchemical symbolism or particular landscapes revealed in your dreams and imagination will reveal your psyche and your soul’s journey. Enriching your experience of life evermore. This can offer a deeper reason for the experiences you have encountered so far on your journey of life, offering a deeper sense of PEACE and ACCEPTANCE. ENABLING A FREEING OF THE SELF.

From as early as I can remember life has intrigued me, viewing and being in nature has always brought me solace. Nature is our way of expressing our spirituality as children. I often am curious when sat with a person how they feel about nature.

Dreams and our imagination is the gateway to the divine. Dreams I had as a child are yet reflections of the life I lead now. Working with dreams therapeutically can be a freeing way to resolve issues, having had the gift of being trained by Nigel Hamilton, Author of Awakening Through Dreams and Director CCPE. I have learnt a unique way of enfolding the content of the dream a client will bring, to enlighten current suffering and as a marker to where they maybe on their journey, enabling them to become aligned to their souls journey. To lessen confusion, anxiety and present issues an individual is experiencing.

Imagination is yet a unique way to work with present issues. Creative imagination takes us away from our controlling mind.


Do you want to break free of these negative habits and the destructive experiences you keep finding ourselves back in? We find ourselves confused, depressed, anxious, and isolated, our mind, our ego locks us into recreating these negative, often destructive patterns. Our mind, our ego thinks it is keeping us safe. Eventually due to a crisis or difficulty we find that we do not feel safe and actually we have caused ourselves more damage and grief. These old aspects, patterns are no longer serving us.

We torture ourselves because we cannot understand why we cannot break free. We ask ourselves, Why cannot Life be different, Why can’t we break free of these habits and patterns, Why can I not LIVE THE LIFE I YEARN FOR?