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Red Tent Women Supporting Women

A Wayshower Psychotherapy we provide Red Tent Ground for Women supporting Women. The Red Tent movement is about creating regular feminine spaces for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength to meet the challenges of our time and their daily lives. This is work that we believe will make a difference not only to women themselves but also to all the people around them. In short, we “know” that the simple act of creating safe and empowering feminine spaces is life and world changing work.

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“When women gather…the world changed”

Dancing Around the Chakras

Understanding the Inner Causes to Our Outer Symptoms

The word “chakra” is from the Indian Sanskrit for “wheel” or “disk” interpreted in this belief as the meeting force through which our life force energy flows. The 7 major Chakras are considered as vortex’s of energy.

Each of these 7 principal Chakras has a distinct character and relates to unique aspects of our being. Such as our levels of consciousness, human qualities, elements, sounds, bodily functions, colours, smells and much more.

The Chakras model of is based upon the principal theory that our physical body “outer” is a mirror for our subtle body “inner”. This could be viewed in terms of physical and emotional difficulties being an outer reflection of the chakras being out of balance.

This weekend we will be focusing on working creatively and experientially using practices such as body work, meditation, visualisation, dreams and art this enabling us to work on the chakras that need our attention and are out balance.

Working from a different perspective such as the chakra system can be an enriching experience, enabling creative ways of unravelling blockages and dis-ease.

By awakening our relationship to this ancient system, we are reversing the lens, looking within, to expand our awareness of our inner and outer world, lifting our vibrations and giving way to an increased energy flow.

Prior knowledge of the chakra system is not necessary as a full overview will be explored over the two days.

Healing for our bodies, a rest for our mind and a delight for our Heart and Soul.

I will be running this workshop again in the near future, please contact Sarah-Jayne Wakefield on 07572 645312. Or email