About Me

Sarah-Jayne Wakefield

Psychotherapy and Kinesiology

I’m Sarah-Jayne and my calling is to INSPIRE AND EMPOWER individuals to LIVE A LIFE THEY LOVE, to SHINE FROM WITHIN, REVEALING UNIQUE BEAUTY. This has emerged throughout my life.

I am in private practise and work for a charity for Adult survivors of Abuse. I am currently continuing my professional development as a Supervisor for counsellors/psychotherapists. I hold workshops and short courses and psychotherapeutic and psych educational group work in various subjects.

I have 25 years’ experience as a psychotherapist/counsellor and 23 years of working within the Health and Social Care sector in Mental Health and Learning Difficulties. I have now moved away from the Health and Social Care Sector and work fulltime as Integrated Transpersonal Psychotherapist.

I reflect on my life’s experience I realise that I was called to do this work, to enable individuals to take control of their lives, to empower them to so. The work I do is enriching, fulfilling and is heartfelt and real.

This sounds like a simple transition as I reflect on what I have written yet believe me this was a process of transition which took strength, courage, patience, and perseverance. And many other qualities, It has been a journey which has enabled me to grow into the person I longed for, this brought testing chaotic times and experiences/lessons in order for these qualities to emerge and shine in order for me to LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE.

My Training

I trained 20yrs ago in Counselling, and built up a private counselling practise. I always had a yearning and desire to deepen and integrate this with the my spiritual practises. Building a career in the field of counselling went well and I expanded to working within Health and Social Care. Having a family, alongside building two businesses I was busy. However, there was something not quite reaching what I yearned for. I was searching a deeper experience for myself and the clients I worked with. I decided to embark on psychotherapy training in the transpersonal.

I will always remember the words of one of my first supervisors, I was having a wobble and had told her that maybe I should just have more holidays rather than embarking on this training, (which would mean travelling weekly and many weekends to London and would take a up a massive chunk of my life and finances. Would put a strain on my family and home life).

She simply replied, ‘As long as that will fulfil you then do that’ In this moment I instantly knew that it wouldn’t and no matter what excuses my mind came up with, I could not ignore my heart’s desire, my calling.

So here I was again retraining at the CCPE and loving every minute, the energy I felt was incredible, when you listen to your heart and go with what it desires the energy will always be there!

My training incorporated all of the different fields/theorists of psychotherapy such as Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis, CBT, Existential and Humanistic. I have also completed the DSMV in mental health and have integrated all of these schools within my therapy sessions.

The main theme of my training and continual practise is in the transpersonal psychotherapy.

Having furthered my training in the Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, this deepened my knowledge and experience of Alchemy and the spiritual aspect of life. Further creating a wholesome experience of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. My continued practice in the traditions of Sufism and Alchemy involve meditation, retreats and yoga. This enriches the individual psychotherapeutic sessions and the workshops I offer.